Flight Activities Creating loop Airplanes


Creating loop airplanes in this flight activity are fun and inexpensive. Lift and thrust are the primary forces that keep airplanes aloft. Lift of the airplanes in these activities are provided by the loops attached to a straw. The thrust is provided by your finger. You give the airplane a quick push forward with your finger and then let it go.

These airplanes can easily fly forty or fifty feet. One person reported a plane that was made with several straws and loops. The plane flew the length of a football field.

Flight activities, Loop airplanes, Photo by Myrna Martin


  • Large straw
  • Construction paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil


  1. Cut several length and widths of construction paper for the loops.
  2. Tape the loop ends together so they make a circle.
  3. Tape a small loop at the front of the straw.
  4. Tape a large loop at the back end of the straw.
  5. The loops should make circles with the tops above the straw.
  6. Hold the bottom of the straw with the loops on top.
  7. Put your finger over the back of the straw and give it a quick push.
  8. If the plane does a nose dive adjust your loops and try again.
  9. Try using different widths for your loops on your plane.

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