Elementary Science Activities

Fun elementary science activities creating a mobile

This elementary science activities can be done any time of the year. You might go on a nature walk and collect some cones, limbs, and other natural objects to use for your mobile. The illustration shows the materials hung from a branch picked on a nature hike.

Nature Mobile


  • Branch of a tree
  • Variety of cones
  • Small branches with leaves on them
  • Moss
  • Leaves with a stem
  • String


  1. Go on a nature walk to gather natural materials from your area for this project.
  2. Sort the materials into different groups.
  3. Plan your mobile so you have a variety or shapes and sizes of material that you have gathered.
  4. Tie different lengths of sting to your branch of a tree.
  5. Tie a longer string to the two ends of the branch to hang your mobile from a ceiling.
  6. Tie the different natural materials you have decide on for your mobile onto the tree branch.
  7. Hold up your mobile to see how it looks.
  8. You might have to adjust the objects you hang after holding it up.
  9. When completed hang it from a hook in the ceiling.

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