Water Cycle Activity

Water cycle activity creates a water tower

Water cycle activity shows how water towers provide water to cities

This water cycle activity looks at how water towers around the country use gravity to provide water to homes in towns. The water cycle activity demonstrates why the outlet for the water to the homes must be near the bottom of the water tank.

water cycle activity, Water towers, Photo by Myrna Martin

Simple milk jug water tower showing how water pressure decreases Myrna Martin


  • Clean gallon milk jug with lid
  • Plastic container
  • Large tin can
  • Tape
  • Water


  1. An adult helper should make a hole in the bottom of milk jug 5 cm (2 inches) from the bottom.
  2. A small drill or an ice pick can make a hole in the milk jug.
  3. Place the plastic container on a table or counter top.
  4. Place the tin can beside the container. (The tin can must be taller than the rim of the plastic container so the water will flow into the container.
  5. Put a piece of tape over the hole in the milk jug.
  6. Fill the milk jug with water and put the cap on it.
  7. What do you think will happen if you remove the tape over the hole?
  8. Set the milk jug on the tin can and remove the tape from the hole to see if you are right.
  9. What do you think will happen if you remove the lid from the milk jug?
  10. Remove the lid and see if you are correct?
  11. Watch the flow of water to see if it changes as the water level drops in the milk jug.
  12. Try the activity with more than one hole in the milk jug.
  13. What do think would happen if you use an empty water bottle for this experiment? Try it!

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