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Science Current events that occurred

Science current events that have been in the news

Science current events includes seven pages of current science information that has been in the news. These pages will be changed as new articles are added to this section of our website.

More science information is found on Science Trivia pages

Science trivia of found on these pages that include fascinating information about our world.

Current Events in Science: Beneath Antarctica’s Ice talks about the mountain ranges and lakes that lie beneath the glacier ice on the continent.

Current Events in Earth Science: Ancient Nevada Petroglyphs are believed to be the oldest drawings created by early people in North America.

Maria Bird Land in Antarctica, NASA

Maria Byrd Land, Antarctica, NASA

Kids Current Events: Solar Energy in India shows how communities in the poor areas of the country are using solar powered carts to produce electricity for people without light after dark.

Science Articles for Kids: Traveling Honey Bees talks about the millions of bees that travel in trucks to pollinate the food we eat.

Bakelite jewelry

Bakelite jewelry

Science Trivia: Learn about early maps used by explorers, ships that set sail on voyages of discovery, what is the Arctic Circle, the summer solstice, and the rise and fall of the city of Rome.

Science Inventions: Bakelite, The first modern plastic was invented in 1907 and it revolutionized the making of cheap affordable plastic for jewelry, automobile parts, electrical components and much more!

More science News

Current Events in Science - Talks about the Antarctica ice sheet and how they are gathering water from subglacial lakes, how mud samples.

Current Events in Earth Science - Find out about ancient petroglyphs found above Pyramid Lake, a playa, in Nevada that are thought to be the oldest in North America.

Kids Current Events - Learn how people living in rural communities in India are using Solar Energy Carts so they can work in the evenings.

Science Articles for Kids - Find out about the honey bees that travel around the United States pollinating farmer’s crops.

Science Trivia – This page includes fun stuff about the world we live in including Early Maps, Sailing Ships, Arctic Circle, and Amphibians.

Science Inventions - Bakelite was the first modern plastic. Its slogan was the material with 1000 uses. Collectors love jewelry made from Bakelite.

Science Current Events - Find links to the latest current events in Earth Science and science news on this webpage.


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